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Five Cocktail Kits for Your Next Virtual Corporate Happy Hour


Five Cocktail Kits for Your Next Virtual Corporate Happy Hour Heading out for a drink after work used to be the norm. It was a great way to get the work gang together and celebrate birthdays and promotions. Or, you may have grabbed a cocktail to commemorate someone’s promotion or new role in the company. Of course, with more and more people working from home, team dynamics have changed. But that...

The 5 Essentials of Great Corporate Gifting in 2021


The 5 Essentials of Great Corporate Gifting in 2021 While 2020 and 2021 have brought some unique challenges to the corporate world, these years have really been a time when businesses have learned some important lessons. The ability to adapt and be creative. The need to stand out and be intentional. The need to be thoughtful and to listen to the needs of their clients and employees. And, while...

5 Premium Swag Ideas That Will Make Your Company Stand Out


You’ve spent some time developing some really great marketing campaigns. Your social media is taking off, and you’re gaining more and more followers. Now it’s time to come up with some swag ideas for customers and potential customers that will make your company stand out from the rest. Pens and plastic cups just aren’t going to cut it. That’s not so easy. If you’ve ever looked around a trade show...

Corporate Gifts For Your Clients in 2020 – Top 10


At Fountain we know corporate gift-giving is an essential part of building customer loyalty and satisfaction. Whether you send a prospect gift to a potential client as a way to introduce yourself or to an established client as a means of saying, “We appreciate your business,” it’s essential that your corporate gifts represents you, your company, and how much you value working relationships. But...

6 Essential Tips When Sending a Corporate Gift


If you work in the corporate world, you have probably been on both the giving and receiving end of a corporate gift. Thinking back on those gifts, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to say that some were really nice, some were okay, and some were totally forgettable. But corporate gifting should never be okay or forgettable. If you’re going to the effort of sending your clients a gift, it should be...