A Closer Look at Our Champagne Toast Gift Boxes

We all know that life can be challenging. So when there are opportunities to celebrate, we think it’s important to go all-out. While emails, cards, and pizza parties are great, we know that sometimes you want to go the extra mile to make someone feel truly appreciated and send them a dazzling virtual toast. This is why our champagne gift boxes make the perfect corporate, wedding, and birthday gift.

Maybe you want to recognize a star employee, send the classiest wedding gift, or celebrate the holidays in style. Whatever the occasion, when you send a champagne gift basket you are rolling out the red carpet and sharing the priceless gift of celebration.

Fountain Gifts has three tiers of champagne gift boxes for you to choose from that all contain a bottle of champagne and other high-end goodies. Each tier also offers the option to upgrade to a Luxury Edition box. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these fabulous Champagne Toast Boxes and see which is the right fit for your celebration.

Champagne Toast Box

This may be our standard champagne toast box, but there’s certainly nothing ordinary about it. Here’s what all the buzz is about:

This gift box features a mini bottle of Brut Champagne by Chandon. This is a multi-award winning Californian champagne. It’s fruity, dry, and the perfect centerpiece for this box. 

Of course a luxurious bubbly needs to be poured into an equally special glass, so we include a VIP insulated flute from Corkcicle. Its matte black finish is sexy and sleek and the golden rim makes it a true VIP experience. 

VIP Black Corkcicle Champagne Flute
VIP Black Corkcicle Champagne Flute

To balance the palate with a little something sweet, salty, and crunchy, this box finishes with a bag of artisan popcorn. This treat features a chocolate and caramel drizzle and is the perfect companion to the champagne.

If you want to elevate this box even more, you can send an upgraded Luxury Edition. When you order the luxury edition, we swap the mini Chandon for the even more special mini Brut Champagne by Moet. This is an iconic French champagne with more tasting notes and complexity. (We raise a glass to your good taste!)

Champagne Toast Deluxe Gift Box

What if you want to send a virtual celebration toast for two? This next gift box would be an amazing wedding gift for the new bride and groom. It is also perfect to send to your employees for a memorable corporate celebration. Let’s peek inside:

This box centers around a half-sized bottle of Chandon champagne—just the right amount for two pours! 

In our deluxe box, we replace the single insulated flute with two crystal flutes by JoyJolt. These flutes are modern, classy, and perfect for a wedding toast or the start of an office celebration. 

joy jolt champagne glasses

To further create an atmosphere of joy, we included a champagne scented candle that will envelop the room with the aroma of bubbly.

And we would never leave you hanging without something to munch on, so once again we round out this box with more artisan popcorn that includes the most delicious cocoa nibs. 

Want to share the very best? You can opt for the Luxury Edition of this box as well. We’ll swap out the Chandon for the more sophisticated Moet. You know—just to up the ante a bit and make things even more special. (And to make you the best boss or friend of all time.)

Champagne Toast Grand Box

Ok, we really did save the best for last. Picture this. Your employee has truly gone all-out. Your best friend in the whole world just got married. Your co-worker just hit a huge sales milestone. You want to spread holiday cheer in style. Whatever the occasion, when you want to celebrate with the height of luxury and send the ultimate champagne gift basket, this is the one for you. 

Let’s do a virtual unboxing together:

This gift box opens with a full sized bottle of Chandon to get the party started. The champagne candle once again creates a delightful celebratory ambience. And the Cocoa Nib Caramel popcorn is the perfect snacking partner. 

But the real star of this show that truly sets it apart? 

The absolutely gorgeous Viski champagne flutes. These glasses are elegantly curved, rimmed with gold, and are simply stunning. They are tall and slender and provide the most elevated drinking experience. If you want to make jaws drop, this is certainly the box for you.

And for those occasions when the best simply isn’t good enough, you can also choose to upgrade this box to the Luxury Edition and swap out the Chandon for the Moet. Now that is truly as good as it gets.

The Final Toast

Are your senses tingling? Ours are.

We truly love these special Champagne Toast Boxes and think they make the perfect gifts. 

Let the people in your life know just how special they are, and don’t let another celebratory moment pass by without sharing a virtual toast with one of these incredible boxes.

Now, let’s all raise our glass of Chandon (or Moet) to all of life’s special moments that matter the most. Cheers!