A Closer Look at Our Wine and Cheese Gift Boxes

A Closer Look at Our Wine and Cheese Gift Boxes

While there is never a bad time for wine and cheese, we think these gift baskets make the perfect thank you and housewarming gift. We love sending them as corporate thank you gifts or even as a realtor gift. We also love the idea of a young couple enjoying their wine and cheese box as a delightful little picnic on the living room floor of their new home.

Fountain Gifts offers three different tiers of our Wine and Cheese boxes for every occasion: the standard Wine and Cheese Box, the Luxury Edition, and the Ultra Luxury Edition. All three tiers feature a Cabernet Sauvignon, cheese, flatbreads, jam, and honey. What sets them apart from each other is the bottle of wine included in each tier.

Let’s do a virtual unboxing together to see what’s inside and then take a closer look at the wine selections

All boxes include…

  • Jalapeño Monterey Jack Cheese: This cheese by Jocelyn & Co is smooth, creamy, and offers a pleasant kick. It pairs perfectly with all tiers of the Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Balsamic Fig Jam: We needed some sweetness in these flavor-packed baskets, so we added some jam from the Gracious Gourmet. This jam is sweetened with figs and balanced by an earthy and tangy balsamic.
  • Hot Honey: To hit another flavor dimension, these charcuterie gift baskets offer Cliff Valley’s Hot Honey with Cobanero Chili. This chili-infused honey creates the perfect sweet and hot combination. Drizzle on top of all these other goodies to amp up the flavor.
  • Rustic Bakery Flatbreads: We wouldn’t leave you hanging without a base for all of these treats. These organic, sourdough flatbreads are a delightful herby cracker—sturdy enough for a full load of cheese, jam, and honey. (Or just eat them by themselves because they are addictively tasty. We don’t judge.)
Now that we’ve whet your appetite, it’s time to select your wine of choice
  • The standard Wine and Cheese Box features a Cabernet Sauvignon by Decoy. This wine comes out of California and boasts juicy, dark berry notes that are balanced by nutmeg, vanilla, and cardamom.
  • The Luxury Edition gets more elite with a Cabernet Sauvignon from Duckhorn. This is a Napa Valley wine that also offers dark berry tasting notes, but with even more complexity. You’ll notice a perfect balance between fruitiness, oak, and tannins accompanied by other tasting notes like spices, maple, and violets.
  • The Ultra Luxury Edition truly spoils the recipient with a gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon by Caymus. This is a rich, full bodied, and luxurious wine that tastes of deep blackberry with notes of vanilla and oak. While accessible for the inexperienced, the depth of this wine will please the most discerning palates.The next time you want to give a big kudos to someone or share your congratulations, think beyond the basics and consider sharing your sentiments with one of our carefully curated gift boxes. Whether it’s an office thank you, a new home celebration, or even a “just because” treat, a Wine and Cheese box is sure to please.


P.s. Want to make it more personal? We include a customized card with every box and offer branding options for corporate gifts!