Our Top 5 Best Selling Wedding Gifts

We are all about celebrations here, so naturally we love a good wedding. 

This once-in-a-lifetime day is also the perfect opportunity to spoil the new couple with a luxury wedding gift. Sure, you could buy a toaster on Amazon. But what if you want to gift something that’s truly special and memorable to commemorate the occasion? 

Fountain Gifts has some amazing options that are sure to delight the new bride and groom and create celebratory moments and memories that last a lifetime. Let’s look at our most popular options and find the right wedding gift box for the lucky couple:

  1. Mr. and Mrs. (Standard Edition)

If you’re short on ideas and wondering what to give for a wedding gift, look no further than our Standard Mr. and Mrs. Box. 

This box centers around a gorgeous bottle of Chandon that is smooth and well balanced. It is subtly smokey with fruit notes of pineapple and peach. The newlyweds can pour their bubbly into some beautiful flutes by JoyJolt. These vintage style flutes feature a tall stem, ribbed glass, and are a pleasure to hold. While they toast to their new lives together, the couple can enjoy the scent of ocean air, champagne, and amber from the Just Married candle. As a fun bonus we also include an on-the-go ring cleaner to keep the wedding rings as sparkling as the champagne!

This box is our top seller for a reason and is a perfect wedding gift box!

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2. Champagne Toast Grand (Luxury Edition)

If you like the Mr. and Mrs. Box but want to amp up the sophistication a bit more, the Champagne Toast Grand Gift Box makes the perfect luxury wedding gift. 

This champagne wedding gift box opens with the beautiful Brut by Moet and Chandon. Instead of the vintage-inspired glasses, this box features elegant, gold-rimmed flutes by Viski to elevate the newlywed’s toast. We also lift the luxuriousness of the candle and include the high-end Champagne Candle by Voluspa. Their candle is scented with Brut champagne, vanilla, and oak and has been a best seller for years. After a long day of celebration, the happily married couple probably worked up an appetite. The box rounds out with some artisan popcorn, flavored with caramel and cocoa nibs, for a high-end snack.

We lift our glasses to the beautiful couple and this amazing champagne wedding gift!

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3. Dinner for 2 (Standard Edition)

Send a future date night as a wedding gift! 

This box contains everything needed to make an amazing Italian Dinner for Two. We include organic pasta, the most amazing vodka tomato sauce, olive oil, and crushed red pepper flakes so that the couple can make their own five star meal. We never want anyone to go thirsty, so of course we add a berry-forward Cabernet Sauvignon that pairs perfectly with the meal. And because no meal is complete without dessert, the newlyweds can also enjoy baking some fudgy, dark chocolate brownies.

The Mr. and Mrs. can put on some romantic music and dance the night away in their kitchen after this amazing meal.

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4. Champagne Celebration (Ultra Luxury Edition)

And for the newlywed couple with the most refined taste? The Ultra Luxury Champagne Celebration Box is the way to go. 

This box is all about the champagne: The 2010 Dom Pérignon Vintage Brut. This is an iconic champagne with many layers of tasting notes. The couple will enjoy the sweet and fruity opening and then proceed through various floral, peppery, yeasty, and toasted notes. It’s truly a bouquet for the senses. A champagne fit for a king and queen must be sipped from glasses fit for royalty as well, so we include the gorgeous gold-rimmed flutes from Viski. 

The newlyweds will truly celebrate in style with this one-of-a-kind luxury wedding gift.

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5. Just Married (Luxury Edition)

We round off our top 5 wedding gift boxes with a Just Married Box that’s simple, sweet, but oh-so sophisticated.

The luxury edition of this box features that timeless bottle of Moet and Chandon Brut and the ocean and champagne scented Just Married candle. We love to envision this box being enjoyed during an elevated game night. Imagine the new Mr. and Mrs. laughing and playing their favorite board game while enjoying the ambience and bubbly from your gift!

When you’re not sure what to give as a wedding gift, this Just Married Box is the perfect choice.

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Take Your Pick!

So, which box is right one for that upcoming wedding? Are you going upscale luxury or charming date night? We know it can hard to pick the perfect gifts for a wedding, but with one of these five? You truly can’t go wrong. Let us know your top choice!