Kunal Sheth

Founder & CEO at Fountain Gifts. I founded the company to help individuals and businesses gift better. What started as a simple idea of being able to send a personalized handwritten note as easy as email is now a mission to give gifting a modern makeover.

The 5 Essentials of Great Corporate Gifting in 2021


The 5 Essentials of Great Corporate Gifting in 2021 While 2020 and 2021 have brought some unique challenges to the corporate world, these years have really been a time when businesses have learned some important lessons. The ability to adapt and be creative. The need to stand out and be intentional. The need to be thoughtful and to listen to the needs of their clients and employees. And, while...

Corporate Corner: Fountain x Givenchy


Corporate Corner: Fountain x Givenchy Showing your employees how much you appreciate them is a great way to boost morale. Gone are the days of gifting boring fruit baskets and cheeses of the month. Employers are looking for ways that truly show their employees how much they’re valued. And curated gift boxes are a surefire way to express your gratitude for all their hard work. Most recently, we...

A Closer Look At Our Staycation Spa Day Gift Set


When you bring these luxury products home, you can have the spa day without even having to leave your place. If you’ve ever… booked yourself some time at the spa, you know that it’s the ultimate in self-care. There are people pampering you from the moment you walk through the door. You spend time enjoying a multitude of spa services. And then you leave feeling blissfully relaxed.But it’s...

Corporate Gifts For Your Clients in 2020 – Top 10


At Fountain we know corporate gift-giving is an essential part of building customer loyalty and satisfaction. Whether you send a prospect gift to a potential client as a way to introduce yourself or to an established client as a means of saying, “We appreciate your business,” it’s essential that your corporate gifts represents you, your company, and how much you value working relationships. But...

6 Essential Tips When Sending a Corporate Gift


If you work in the corporate world, you have probably been on both the giving and receiving end of a corporate gift. Thinking back on those gifts, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to say that some were really nice, some were okay, and some were totally forgettable. But corporate gifting should never be okay or forgettable. If you’re going to the effort of sending your clients a gift, it should be...

A Note From The CEO


A Note: We started Fountain Gifts because we were looking for a better way to send gifts online, and we just couldn’t find anything out there that worked for us. We were tired of all of the google searches, buzzfeed lists, and outdated aesthetics. The whole experience from sending to receiving a gift needed to change. So we decided to do it ourselves. We sent our first batch of curated gift boxes...