Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

“When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”  – Mitch Albom

There are so many great quotes about moms and tons of different ways to celebrate this special woman who plays such an important role in your life on a daily basis.

But once each year, there is a day dedicated to her – Mother’s Day – and that day is quickly approaching. So, what are you doing to show your mom some love for Mother’s Day this year? Do you have a plan? Are you still searching for that ideal Mother’s Day gift?

If you’re still wondering what you can get that oh-so-special woman, don’t worry – Fountain Gifts can help! Here are some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make your mom feel the love.

Staycation Spa Day

spa day gift box featuring chocolate, succulent plant, face mask, a small round candle, and tonerDoes your mom enjoy the peace and tranquility that a day at the spa provides? But is she extremely busy and never seems to find the time to go? Then she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of a Staycation Spa Day – at home! In this gift box, she’ll receive:

  • Exfoliation Sugar Cubes By Harper + Ari – Perfect for softening and smoothing the skin
  • Rose Colored Glasses Macaroon Candle by Voluspa – To set the mood for her spa day
  • Rose Hand Cream by AvryBeauty – Smells wonderful and will make her hands feel like velvet
  • Pearl Brightening Mask by Lapcos – Hydrates and balances moisture in the skin
  • Beauty Bar Chocolate – Because what mom doesn’t deserve chocolate?
  • Rose Toner by Soprano Labs – Skin hydration like no other
  • Succulent Planted in a Ceramic Pot – Succulents are very trendy and will help to create that spa atmosphere at home

Rosé All Day

gift box of mini bottle of moet rose, rose gummy bear chocolate bar, stemless rose color champagne flute, small round candle and box of matches If your mom loves the finer things in life and lives by the motto “Slay then rosé!” – then she’ll love this Rosé All Day gift box! She’ll enjoy:

  • 187ML Rosé Champagne Bottle By Moet & Chandon – Yes, rosé meets champagne in this delicious bottle of bubbly
  • Rosé Chocolate Bar By Sugarfina – This adorable – and delicious – chocolate bar by Sugarfina will show mom just how sweet she is
  • Rose Pink Flute by Corkcicle – She’ll need something to drink her bubbly out of, and this flute is not only beautiful but will keep it cold
  • Rose Colored Glasses Candle by Voluspa – Smells lovely and will help Mom relax
  • Matchbox

Refresh Bundle

gift box of exfoliation sugar cubes, collagen eye mask, pink sea salt chocolate bar, coconut milk mango tin candle, box of matchesIs your mom always doing nice things for others? Could she use a little time to herself? Then let her shut the bedroom door and enjoy some time by herself with the Refresh Bundle from Fountain Gifts. This box includes:

  • Exfoliation Sugar Cubes By Harper + Ari – Containing shea butter and aloe vera, these exfoliating cubes will make her skin glow
  • Collagen Eye Mask by Lapcos – This collagen eye mask will firm, smooth, and hydrate the skin around the eyes
  • Pink Sea Salt Chocolate Bar by Raaka – Dark chocolate sprinkled with Peruvian pink salt is a treat like no other
  • Coconut Milk Mango Tin Candle By Illume – This candle smells like a trip to the beach
  • Matchbox

Pamper Bundle

spa day gift box, rose choclare bar, matchbox, single pink preserved rose, exfoliating cubes, small round candleLooking to spoil mom a bit for Mother’s Day? Then let the Pamper Bundle do it for you! Your mom will love:

  • Single Pink Infinity Rose – This beautiful Infinity Rose will last up to a year and be a constant reminder of how much she’s loved
  • Exfoliation cubes by Harper + Ari – For amazing looking skin
  • Pearl brightening mask by Lapcos – To give her face a glow that’s unforgettable
  • Rosé chocolate bar By Sugarfina – A sweet treat to add to her special day imported from Paris
  • Rose Colored Glasses Candle by Voluspa – Perfect to help her relax after a long day

This year don’t send Mom a gift card that’s going to sit in her wallet. Send her an expertly curated gift box filled with luxury items to show how much she’s appreciated from Fountain Gifts!