A Note From The CEO


A Note:

We started Fountain Gifts because we were looking for a better way to send gifts online, and we just couldn’t find anything out there that worked for us. We were tired of all of the google searches, buzzfeed lists, and outdated aesthetics.

The whole experience from sending to receiving a gift needed to change. So we decided to do it ourselves.

We sent our first batch of curated gift boxes in custom mailers from my apartment in Hoboken which involved several daily walks to the post office. All the photos were taken in my living room during the day while my roommates were at work and my bedroom turned into a warehouse that just happened to have a bed in the corner.

Now, we professionally pack and ship our all gifts in a beautiful gift boxes from our office in New Jersey. Photos are still taken in house, but we now have a dedicated photo area allowing us to quickly launch new boxes and send our corporate clients photos of the actual box being shipped out.

We started Fountain to solve a problem for us and our friends, and now it’s much bigger than that. That said, we have big plans for Fountain, and we’re just getting started. At the start of the year we launched Infinity Roses where we are reimagining how we gift preserved roses in a box and already working on new product launches that are made, packaged, and branded by our team.

Thanks for being one of the earliest people to join us on this journey. We’re so excited to help you gift like a pro and can’t wait to see how you use our gifting services.

Kunal Sheth
CEO, Fountain Gifts

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Kunal Sheth

Founder & CEO at Fountain Gifts. I founded the company to help individuals and businesses gift better. What started as a simple idea of being able to send a personalized handwritten note as easy as email is now a mission to give gifting a modern makeover.

By Kunal Sheth